.htaccess Snippets

What exactly is htaccess?

The htaccess file is a configuration file which is often used on Apache based web servers to control diverse features of the server. The file on its own is just a small simple text file that can be edited via notepad or your webhosts online file manager, through c-panel or alternatively you can download the .htaccess file from your server’s home public_html folder, modify it and reupload it via FTP using programs such as FileZilla.

Hypertext Access, commonly reduced to htaccess, htaccess is a configuration file which handles the website directory that it is put into and all of the subdirectories underneath it.


Why Does Your Business Need SEO?

What exactly is SEO? SEO is integrating search terms (keywords) and key phrases which are used by potential prospects in search engines such as Google or even the likes of Bing and Yahoo! When consumers are trying to find details on services or products that you offer into the content that is either on or linked to your website. For instance, should you sell ‘SEO services’, individuals that are searching for information on or to buy ‘SEO services’ may type into search engines like Google “Where to buy SEO”. The automated algorithms employed by Google will then match up the search query to content material that best fits what the individual is searching for.


HTML & CSS Dropdown menu

Today, I am going to write about how to create a dropdown menu item in plain HTML & CSS. A plain HTML & CSS dropdown is fairly easy to do and can play a huge role in making your website look and function much better! I’d recommend everyone to have a dropdown on their site because it makes life a lot easier for the viewer to navigate around the website. Generally, a site with a dropdown is much preffered to visit than one without.


Photoshop Layers

Understanding how layers work is crucial for anyone who wants to improve their images. It is important to use the layers correctly so that during the editing process you don’t make any mistakes or confusion. Below is an basic introduction of Photoshop CS6 layers. (Please note that if you are using a older version of