Not that long ago, having a presence on social media site such as Facebook, Twitter or even Linkedin set you apart from your competitors and placed you ahead of the park. However, in 2018 this is no longer the case, most companies have realised the importance of social media marketing. As a result, most companies are on the likes of Facebook and Twitter. But, there is a catch. Most of these companies do not have a solid social media marketing strategy. Highlighted below are some of the strategies that we employ at Coffee Black to ensure that you get tangible results from your efforts.

We Seek To Understand Your Product

The very first thing our team does is to understand your product and what it stands for. With this knowledge, we can target the precise demography in the various social media platforms including Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Linkedin.

We lay out goals that are achievable so that your product or brand gets noticed in the social media circles by the right people. We achieve this by creating your brand awareness through offering helpful and authentic information about your product on various social media platforms. This ensures that your company is perceived to be interested in more than just your target customers’ money. It shows you are also interested in their wellbeing.

We invest A Lot of Time in Establishing Your Audience

There are many social media analytics Apps in the market nowadays that show which platform your potential customers are most active on. At Coffee Black, we use the best and most comprehensive social media tracking software to understand the trend of your customers in relation to your products.

Using this information, we eliminate guesswork out of the equation and can accurately direct our marketing campaign to the right people on the right social media platform. For example, we know that the highest number of Facebook users are based in India, not USA, while 44% of the 1bn monthly active people are in fact Women. With our access to this and other detailed information, you are assured that your message will get to the right people.

We Look At Many Indicators to See How Well the Marketing Campaign Is Working

There are many benefits of using social media marketing. It is cheaper than conventional marketing and has a wider reach. But how can you know if your marketing campaign is having the desired effect? At Coffee Black, we check various indicators to determine the effectiveness of the campaign. We go deeper than just checking on the likes and the followers that our posts of your product receive. We do check to see how many of our posts have been shared on the platforms, how many clicks throughs, the average CPC (cost per click) and generic info such as has there been any feedback, positive or negative.

We also check on the number of clicks that the content has received and how many people actually bought or took action as a result of the post or video. With this kind of information, we know if the content is good. If the conversion rate is low, we make the appropriate adjustments so that the content can lead to more conversions.

Social media marketing is very effective but can also be very frustrating if you do not see any results. At Coffee Black, we have a very experienced team that employs strategies to ensure that your product reaches not only the biggest audience we can but the right people.