Utilising the new facebook opengraph functions can make a website or app pass over much better structured data when someone shares your page onto facebook. It allows various parts of your pages to be specifically written for Facebook sharing and posting so that you can control for example the title of the facebook share or the image utilised on the share can be specified accurately.

Now there are many plugins that allow you to add this functionality too WordPress or Joomla aswell as many standalone scripts to achieve the same thing. You do however find from time to time that the simplest part of the puzzle can be the most difficult.

In this case it was where the hell do i find my facebook admin ID. In fact its quite simple when you know how.



Your Facebook ID is in fact your general Facebook ID of your profile. No special ID required.

The quickest and easiest way to find this is to go to the developer tools and add a couple of queries (we have done it for you)

Make sure you are logged in first before clicking the links and there you go. Quick way to find your facebook ID






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