Coffee Black have been developing E-commerce websites for many of years and our E-commerce team are absolutely second to none, our E-commerce website design does all the talking for us. We create high quality, great looking, E-commerce websites tailored to your business needs. All of our E-Commerce websites are built in either WordPress using WooCommerce or within in Magento.

When you work with Coffee Black Web Design, you’re not just working with E-commerce website design specialists, you’re working with people who ask the right questions – people who understand thoroughly how to reach your target audience and make the right impact, generating more online leads and sales for your business.

We at Coffee Black Web Design have developed a series of great looking E-commerce websites that will help you to see a decline in shopping cart abandonment and in the conversion rates. Each and every E-commerce website that we have built have the Trust factor that will work invisibly whenever a visitor chances upon your E-commerce website.


WooCommerce is the most popular E-commerce platform on the internet (stats from Built With), with hundreds of extensions available you can be sure your store can do pretty much anything! If you need a custom plugin to allow your products to be displayed or sold in a specific way, we can help!

WooCommerce is a plugin created just for the content management system WordPress to help businesses create an online store easily and easily managed due to the content management system WordPress.

Our highly experienced team can create anything to make sure your online store does exactly everything you need it too. We have created numerous WooCommerce websites all with different requirements.

If you have an existing WordPress site using WooCommerce we can work around your existing content and make sure your website can do everything you need it too and look the highest quality! If you don’t have a Website we will be happy to set up your store ensuring that it ticks all of your boxes to get your products online!


Magento is one of the world’s leading E-commerce website platforms and is used by millions of businesses worldwide. Magento is a feature rich and open-source website design platform that provides an extremely high level of flexibility and control for any website developers such as our selves.

Magento allows practically anybody to easily manage content, the design of a website and apply aesthetic tweaks to pages which is one of the reasons it has become such a popular E-commerce solution amongst business owners.

At Coffee Black Web Design we have been using the Magento E-commerce platform for many of years designing high quality E-commerce website stores for businesses across the UK with amazing feedback from all businesses.

If you require an E-commerce website built on the platform Magento, which is feature rich, offers a high level of functionality and flexibility as well as a modern and user friendly design we can help!

Do you need an E-commerce Website?

This question may seem obvious at first, but its really important for you to know the difference between your everyday website and an E-commerce website. If you are looking to sell your products or services online effectively you really must have a bespoke E-commerce website developed for your business, why? E-commerce websites are used across the internet in their millions but does this mean that they are professionally designed E-commerce websites? The answer is no, most of them are self-made or pre-built E-commerce packages, which is not good for any business owner looking to sell their products online, this is due to them being low in quality in terms of website coding, they will be full of duplication and they will most certainly not contain the attention to detail that is absolutely required for E-commerce websites.





If you would like to discuss our Web Design services feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions.