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Some of the most precise webmasters around the world come across SEO inaccuracies on their websites over the course of time and this is often due to not checking things correctly or even just making a common mistake and it only takes a very small amount of mistakes for an SEO project to fall short. It’s quite challenging to ensure a website’s SEO performance and SEO condition, particularly if the website is expanding and gets frequently updated but Coffee Black SEO can accurately pinpoint the |issues on a website or a webpage from analysing the whole page with the use of our expert knowledge in SEO.

SEO analysis is generally carried out at initial stages of the websites development process, however, to make sure that your website stays highly optimised for search engines like Google, carrying out frequent SEO analysis is essential and our SEO team at Coffee Black can supply you with a fully documented SEO website audit which will clarify everything from an SEO point of view. This will consist of on-page SEO aspects and also off-page SEO aspects.

Our SEO Website Audit involves:

Website Content:

We analyse a website to ensure that the content material on a page is clear, related and more importantly that it is concentrating on the search term that you would like to start ranking for. There are numerous indicators when doing this, we search for the relevancy of the content, appropriate utilisation of H tags, image optimisation and also how much content is being used within a single webpage. Content is critical for a website to get a decent ranking, we can let you know if your existing content is good enough to gain a spot at #1 on your preferred choice of search engine.

Website Formatting:

Coffee Black SEO knows precisely how a website should be formatted in accordance with Google as well as website traffic, we will analyse the formatting of images, paragraphs, headings and also links and we will provide assistance on what’s working well and what’s not. Google reads a webpage from the top of the page and works it’s way down, getting the format of a website right will help you to gain a higher spot in the search engine results page.

Duplicate Content:

Duplicate content plays an extremely big part when it comes to SEO, snatching content from another website and then applying it to your own website will end up with your website getting banned or penalised by Google. Duplicate content can occur in page titles and body text. Coffee Black SEO can identify these kinds of issues at an instant and then incorporate this into your SEO website audit.


There are numerous amounts of ways to indicate a websites accessibility. All websites should include a robots txt file, this file gets used by all major search engines to reveal where a sitemap can be accessed from as well as what pages to index or block in the search engine results page. XML Sitemaps should also feature as a direct link to the actual sitemap, this is often positioned in a footer or a sidebar. An XML Sitemap tells the search engines about your websites structure and also improves the indexing process of a website. It’s also crucial that all links on a website work, broken links can impact a websites SEO campaign, Coffee Black SEO can score your websites accessibility and can feature this in your SEO website audit.

Website Architecture:

If a website doesn’t incorporate a well thought architecture the odds are a website visitor will get misplaced in a heap of pages which they don’t want to be on and then jump straight across to a rivals website. The use of breadcrumbs can also help a website visitor to know precisely where they are and how they arrived there. Pages that are trying to target really competitive search terms should be 1 or 2 clicks away from the homepage, pages which are trying to target moderately competitive keywords ought to be 2 or 3 clicks away from the homepage.

Website Technical SEO:

Technical SEO is something that should be checked out before any website goes live, creating 301 redirects is very important for any SEO campaign. Links should always be direct and should never be executed under javascript, javascript can block out a search engines crawl spider which in-turn will effect a website if a search engine is not able to thoroughly inspect your website. Being confident that a website is functioning as quickly as possible is also another aspect that ought to be addressed, Coffee Black SEO has the knowledge to make a website perform considerably quicker than it previously was. Coffee Black SEO are also able to redirect traffic from your to, both of these examples may appear to be the exact same but in a search engines point of view they are totally different.

Meta Tags:

Meta Tags are employed on each and every website that you pay a visit to, a Meta Tag is something which is used to generate information based on the website, Meta Tags are read by Google and Bing and this information gets taken into consideration when a website gets indexed. Whenever you carry out a search in Google you will notice a title for that webpage, this is being pulled in from the use of Meta Data. Using suitable Meta Tags helps you to increase SEO rankings and also informs search engines what a website or webpage is about. The use of keywords is something that doesn’t get used any more by Google, this is due to the content of a webpage and the alternate Meta Data that gets used for instance the title and description.

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