Joomla Web Design – Coffee Black Web Design are Joomla web design specialists based in the West Midlands, we develop industry specific websites tailor made for our client’s requirements. We at Coffee Black Web Design create fully compliant Joomla websites that meet all web design standards, our bespoke designed Joomla websites work exactly as needed due to our standards of development and Joomla’s expandable platform.

One of our most used Content Management Systems (CMS) platforms that we use to develop websites is the award winning Joomla! We have been using Joomla for many of years and we are fully aware of the platform and what it has to offer. There are many reasons why Joomla is popular worldwide, from a client perspective it’s easy to use so you don’t need to be a fluent ‘web designer’, even for non-technical people it is straight forward to use, and being open source, it’s free and available for everyone to use. This means you avoid spending more money on expensive custom developers and the costs of custom-built platforms.

Our Joomla developers at Coffee Black Web Design have years of experience with the Joomla CMS platform, working with it on a daily basis to design and build a variety of sites in every aspect of its development from 1.0, 1.5 up to the current 3.1 version, which we have used as the platform for our own new website (the one you’re reading this from). Coffee Black Web Design are also currently working with various CMS platform such as Joomla, the reason being is that each and every CMS platform has something new and different to offer.

As well as Joomla being really easy to use, it only requires a little training to get the most out of it, it is also extremely functional. So, if you are planning to get your very first website, it is possible to start with only the most basic of websites or if you preferred we can go all out and deliver you a bigger website using Joomla, containing various features, making it exceptionally easy to use and update with only the minimum of training, which we can assist you with if you prefer to manually update your own Joomla website.

Further on, as your confidence builds over due time and you decide to add additional features into your Joomla website, you can begin to look at the comprehensive selection of plugins and extensions that are available, most of them are free to use so you don’t need to spend more money adding to your Joomla website.

Our lead developer at Coffee Black Web Design has over ten years of experience with the web, Joomla being one of his strong points, we then have our in-house team of Joomla developers that have been developing for the web in every platform available.  Coffee Black Web Design have been undertaking Joomla web design since the very beginning of its release, in this time our company has helped hundreds of new and existing clients directly and brought them to the web with style.

Why we love Joomla:

Joomla CMS (Content Management System) was developed as an open source piece of online software. The term open source means that it is free to use for everybody, may this be your self or a Joomla web design company like our selves, this makes it so powerful and widely used all around the world. There are many highly skilled Joomla developers around the world that contribute to creating extensions and modules that seamlessly fit into any Joomla website. This simply means that there are some free components and some paid components that can be used on your Joomla web development project, however, paying for an additional component will cost considerably less than use developing that particular function for your Joomla website from scratch.

Corporate businesses frequently change the look of their website every few years or so, this is to ensure that they keep up with the ever growing web and also keeping customers interested. The Joomla (Content Management System) manages the look and feel of your website by using template based structures. This way one of our Joomla designers can easily implement changes into a Joomla template and by a simple click we can swap the existing look of you Joomla website, into its new look that our designers has just created.

Content Management Platforms:

Find out further information about the Content Management platforms that we use, they all have different benefits and can help your business to achieve it’s goals.

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