Whether you have a standard WordPress blog, WordPress brochure site or an E-Commerce website we offer different plans available to suit everyone.

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Why Choose Coffee Black?

Our team our highly experienced when it comes to servers and website management!

Uptime Monitoring and Alerts

We have uptime, downtime and failure alerts in place to let us know when a site goes down so we can fix the issue quickly as possible.

System Plugin Updates

With our hosting packages we will take care of your plugin updates to make sure your site isn’t at risk of hackers through exploits.

Regular Backups

We have regular back ups running on the server to ensure that we have always got a recent copy of your site available to restore if there is any issues.


You will be able to receive weekly or monthly reports (depending on your package) about your website.

Daily Malware Scan

Our servers run daily scans across all websites for malware to ensure that your website is free of any malware or potential hackers.

SSL Certificates

We provide a SSL certificate with your hosting for as long as you stay a customer, no yearly costs like other hosting providers.

Migrating From Another Host?

Do you currently have your website hosting elsewhere and would like to transfer your site to us? We can also help, we aim to get your website migrated and live in under 36 Hours (after initial payment has been made). If you have more than one website that needs to be moved at a time this time frame will increase at it is a lot more complex and time consuming transferring multiple sites. Call a member of our team today to discuss the requirements and process to migrate your website(s).


We usually get your account set up with 24 hours after payment

Our team members are highly experienced and will be more than happy to assist you with the migration, call us today to discuss further.

Our SSL certificates are free for as long as you host your website with us! We don’t charge you yearly for the SSL certificate like other hosting companies.

Yes! Cause you can, but we will need 28 days notice due to payment being via direct debit.

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