BBPress URLs Addon


This plugin will change the structure of your urls to be more like more popular solutions such as vBulletin and IPBoard.

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BBPress Search Engine Friendly URLs Addon.

Change your BBPress forum URLs to follow a proper hierarchy with Forum-name/subforum-name/topic-name

BBpress by default uses Custom Post Types for each of the three types of content that it can display. Namely Forums, Topics and Replies.

What this has meant in the past is your URL structure would not be consistent from a forum to a topic.

Your homepage would be

If you then chose a forum or subforum your url would be

Note that you have /forums/ as the BBpress homepage and it adds an additional /forum/ onto this because of the custom post type that is being displayed.

You would then choose a topic within this forum and the url you get is now

So you have lost the hierarchy of the forum and subforum titles and instead are just viewing this single topic directly.

Our solution removes the additional mention of /forums/ from the url and keeps the hierarchy of the forum and topics incact so you can have urls such as