A piece of written or graphical content that is created for the purposes of gaining backlinks by use of clever naming or overexagerrated claims. See Buzzfeed


Pay Per Click, an advertising method where you do not pay for impressions of ther advert but instead only pay when someone clicks onto your advert. Mainly used in reference to Google and other large search engine advertising which is often on a PPC model


Adwords is an advertising platform provided by Google. Its adverts are shown across the Google websites directly and also on “Network” sites who choose to show adverts in return for a commission per click

Google Algorithm

An algorithm is a complex mathematical formula used to form a calculation often from multiple sources. In SEO the Google algorithm is a method by which Google decides how well, or poorly, they think your website should rank in the search engine results for a specific keyword search.


This normally refers to the position on a search engine results page that a specific website or other search result appears. A Number 1 ranking is the “highest” and will mean your website should appear near the top on the search engine results page. Organic Rankings refer to the Non Paid results which commonly appear


A clickable link that appears on a website, normally, referring to another website or domain. Bakclinking is an important part of Search Engine Optimisation and is often talked about “Gaining Links” or creating content that is “Linkbait”