Save Money On Calls

Client: Save Money On CallsCategory: Website BuildPlatform: WordpressDate: 2013 Save money on calls asked for a new website in 2013, created on WordPress we created them a website with a design they had given to us, making every section and page of the site exactly how the design was created.

Beautiful Gardens

Client: Beautiful GardensCategory: Website BuildPlatform: WordpressDate: 2012 (ongoing) Beautiful Gardens is a website that we had began over 5 years ago. We first created their site onto joomla! but recently transferred their website onto WordPress, allowing them to have easier access and control over their content.   This is what Simon(CEO) said for himself; “Coffee Black have been looking

Arcs n Sparks

Client: Arcs n SparksCategory: Website BuildPlatform: WordpressDate: 2014 Arcs n Sparks first approached us in 2014 for a new website as theirs was outdated and wasn’t user friendly or responsive. They wanted to keep the shop linked in and also have a catalog section on the site for users. The site was created on the content management system WordPress from