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  Social Media emailing and networking service   With our social media marketing service including upto the minute taliored material to your business from the information you have given us. We will be posting two or four posts each day no matter the time of day or where you are. We have an excellent media marketing team with a

Meet the Team

Coffeeblack employes a crack team of SEO Experts, Web Designers and Technical Development staff. Working in tandem we ensure that our websites are made with SEO in-mind creating an ideal starting platform for any SEO work. Coffeeblack has a proud tradition of recuriting from local apprenticeship schemes, we aim to give young minds the oppourtunity

About Coffee Black

At Coffee Black in Walsall, we make use of our knowledge, working experience and also creativity to create effective visuals in each and every web design project that we conduct. Coffee Black are an expert web design and SEO company located in Walsall, West Midlands. We provide bespoke and tailored web design, SEO and Internet

Welcome to Coffee Black

Leviathan, the January 2013 template release, is a visually enriched design with stunning graphics, contrasts and tones. Its sidebar adds focus and boldness, that complements and contrasts with the mainbody area to great effect. The core of the template is based on the Gantry Framework, which provides a plethora of standardized features and functions. Also

Terms and Conditions

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