Coffeeblack Mediapress

A plugin made by Coffeeblack for Mediapress, this plugin will enable your users to use their Mediapress galleries within any editor on their bbpress site to

  • Add media from their galleries directly into any post
  • Add entire gallery or jst a single image using mediapress shortcodes to insert images
  • Upload directly from the post editor into any existing gallery
  • Insert new images once just using URL like normal image insert
  • Works with TinyMCE editor and TeenyMCE editor.
  • Inserts [IMG] tags for individual images and includes BBcode plugin built in to ensure these work in BBpress
  • Includes Enable shortcode plugin to ensure shortcodes work within BBpress.

Note this plugin requires Mediapress in order to work


the following features are not ready yet and will be in a future release

  • Skins for the interface and backend css changer
  • Add new galleries directly from the interface
  • Additional options on the image inserter to control size and other options
  • TinyMCE integration to preview images and galleries after inserting them without submitting the post


Change Log
== 05/09/2016 Version 1.1.0 ==
* Settings added to enable shortcode in BBPress Posts
* Settings added to enable visual editor(s) in BBPress
* Settings added to set visual editors as default in BBPress
* Now compatible with TeenyMCE
== 31/08/2016 Version 1.0.0 ==
* Initial Release